14 X Restaurants (and more) that open soon in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is always on the move! And with these new hot spots there's always something great to eat!

When you're biking through Amsterdam you'll notice so many restaurants, bars etc. That you probably don't know what's good. Well us from Rent a bike Amsterdam know the good spots! So have a look at the bottom list and make sure to check one of these spots out for some good food and vibes! So grab your bike from Rent a bike Amsterdam and go explore!

These are the new hotspots in Amsterdam to keep an eye on:

  1. Bar Lou Lou: soon open in Amsterdam West by one of the Chefs from Guts & Glory
  2. Biertuin Prinsengrachtgreat news because this hotspot from Amsterdam East is opening the doors of a second branch at Prinsengracht.
  3. Sjefietsche pop-up: from February 6-12 at The Hoxton
  4. Dinard: new all day café-restaurant in Amsterdam Old South.
  5. The Avocado Show: OMG…. at this new restaurant it’s all about avocado?
  6. Go Go Bar: good news for all Thai food lovers! Boi Boi gets a little sister next doors for take away.
  7. Wyers Bar & Restaurant: a new hotel restaurant coming soon to Amsterdam City Center.
  8. Temakery: for poké bowls and more delicious Asian dishes in De Pijp.
  9. Sir Adam Hotel: this favourite opens its doors in February at the ADAM Toren
  10. House Bar: this is the bar in the new to open Kimpton Hotel where also restaurant Wyers will open the doors.
  11. Miss Louisa Coffee & Beignets: a new coffee bar in Amsterdam City Center for coffee and well, yes…. beignets!
  12. Bar Dumas:East is hot and this new hotspot will open at Dapperplein.
  13. ZUID: this one makes us happy… Chef Michiel van der Eerde is going to open a new restaurant this spring and we heard this one will be his personal masterpiece!
  14. Bed & Buffet: YESSSSS restaurant Buffet van Odette is going to open a B&B!

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