How to Cycle Safely in Amsterdam

One of our customers Sally decided to send us an e-mail concerning the safety issues for bicycle riders in Amsterdam. We've posted her comments! Hope you like it Sally, and hope to see you back again! :)
Amsterdam is one of the most exciting capitals in Europe with plenty to offer for visitors. One of the best ways to see the attractions of the city is by riding a bike. It is fast, cheap and easy. With over 400 km of lanes dedicated to bicycles, Amsterdam is cycle-friendly. If you decide to get on the saddle while visiting, it is important to follow safety rules while on the road.
Bus, tram, car, scooter and bicycle traffic can become dense in the city so it is best to stay in designated cycling lanes on the right-hand side of the road. When cycling, keep pace with other cyclists and stick to the rightmost part of the lane if you are slow so faster riders can overtake on the left. You should also follow all traffic lights and signals and indicate with your hands before turning. In addition to wearing a helmet, make sure your bike's lights work properly and lock it on a bike rack when parked. For more information on safe riding, click here to view a detailed bicycle safety guide.